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Commercial Roof and Structural Leaks Can be Very Costly

Many times, water damage is hard to detect in a commercial roof. This leads to a costly and time-consuming process. With 40 years of providing commercial roofing services, waterproofing has become one of our strengths. We have the commercial roofing experience as well as commercial roofing technology to provide you with quality and effective commercial roof waterproofing services. Although most waterproofing issues are easy to point out, many times the unseen waterproofing issues are seen too late. Count on us to correctly diagnose your waterproofing issue and execute the solution.

Lenox can waterproof your commercial property

Aside from our award-winning commercial roofing service, we also provide an entire full-service department dedicated to commercial building waterproofing and commercial roof waterproofing. Commercial waterproofing will expand the life of your commercial building as well as avoid time and money sucking issues. Part of the commercial waterproofing department you will be able to take advantage of services such as:

We offer expert commercial roofing waterproofing.

Water can actually cause a great deal of problems if water is trapped on your commercial roof and starts to leak, which number of issues can result because of this. Another hallmark of our commercial roofing services is commercial roof waterproofing as well as commercial building waterproofing. Our commercial waterproofing techniques have been developed to be effective for any type of commercial roofing and industrial roofing. Roof waterproofing keeps your commercial roof or industrial roof dry, which will prevent future costly issues.

Our roof waterproofing crew are highly trained and skilled in commercial roof waterproofing. Whether your commercial building is built of brick, aluminum, glass or stucco finish, it won’t be a challenge at all. Neither if it’s of concrete, masonry, steel, or wood-frame. Our trained commercial roof waterproofing team have the experience and know-how to work with any type of construction design.

Contact us to learn more about how our commercial roof waterproofing can best service your commercial building or commercial roof. Find out why we have been voted the best in commercial roof waterproofing services year after year for yourself!

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Self-adhering sheet membranes, fluid applied membranes, composite rubberized asphalt membranes, as well as bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes are some of the commercial waterproofing solutions we offer. With 40-years-experience with commercial waterproofing, we deliver quality and successful commercial waterproofing services all over Atlanta.

Each commercial building and commercial roof is different, so we thoroughly inspect your commercial roof and commercial building in its entirety to determine the best commercial waterproofing system for your commercial building or commercial roof. Our commercial waterproofing is designed to tolerate and stand up to any weather condition. Call us today for a free quote for commercial building waterproofing and commercial roof waterproofing.

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